Photo 1 BobinageWinding

Creating the foam structure is formed by simultaneous action of winding or stratification in order to obtain a block of sufficient size to be shaped.



MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Photo 2 Mise en forme a la CN 5 AxesShaping & Machining

The shaping can be done two ways depending on the workpiece geometry.

For rotating parts, machining is carried out by turning with a capacity up to Ø4000 x12000 mm. For parts with complex geometry, machining is carried out by a 5-axis machine with a capacity of 2500 x 6000 x1500 m.




MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERACoating of the products is performed with machine of two components having variable ratio, allowing using of various products according to the environment of use.


Casting operations are carried out by casting machines to ensure a bubble-free polyurethane without any manufacturing defects and having a perfect finishing.

  • Up to 2 L / min with 2 components
  • Up to 7 L / min with 3 components and 1 additive
  • Up to 40 L / min with 4 components and 5 additives


All casted polyurethane products are placed in a dedicated oven in order to be heated during16 hours at 110 ° to maximize the technical characteristics of the prepolymer used.

Assembly and finishing touch

The last manufacturing step consists in providing a preliminary assembly of the elements in order to check a well-done operating before a final assembly. During final assembly, bolted pieces are mounted brake net with a torque wrench and the seal of Sikaflex ® 221 can be applyed for a perfect seal between the metal structure and the coating.