Since 1983, NIBS has diversified in many sectors of activities where it brings its recognized skills. Thanks to this diversity, the ranges of products designed and developed by NIBS France are increasingly varied. Accumulating various experiences and knowledge during all these years, today NIBS can be recognized and work in the areas of activities as below:

  • Offshore Activities (Oil and Gas + Wind Farm Industry)

For the supply of dock and mooring equipment, subsea systems …

  • Harbour Activities

For the supply of harbor equipment such as fenders and floats, but also various mooring systems.

  • Ship Yard Activities

For the supply of boat fenders for all types of boats (professional and private).

  • Naval Activities

For the supply of maritime military equipment adapted to particular specifications.

  • Energy & Nuclear Activities

For the supply of floaters anti-intrusion, anti-pollution, to secure water intake canals but also stainless steel filtration systems

  • Industry Activities

To supply a multitude of accessories, rollers, coatings, handling equipment, sub-assemblies used on sites of various production.