Mobile defenses

Défenses d'accostage, protections de ports
et défenses annulaires à haute compression

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Photo 4

Tests and certifications

All NIBS products are tested and proven
in the real situations

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Photo 9 Pilot Boat Le Havre Station

Boat equipments

Protection, fenders and boat equipments
of all kinds

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Buoys and floats

Coffres d'amarrage, flotteurs d'instrumentation,
bouées d'ancrage, de pesée, ...

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Technical solution provider & manufacturer in both plastics and mechanical engineering

VEOS holding group has operated in the heart of the « Hauts de France » industrial area for more than 35 years. The VEOS team is well known to their clients for delivering custom made technical solutions for various industrial applications, particularly to the marine industry.

Based on its experience and know-how, VEOS is keen to consolidate its market share in its traditional markets and also in new developing markets. VEOS is a family owned business and managed by the Vatteville family, who are proud to carry strong values and are committed to do everything possible to meet their customer’s satisfaction.

The company name has recently changed, from NIBS to VEOS, to reflect a new era in its development, and to highlight its vision for the future.

35 YEARS of expertise - Turnover of € 5 M - 30 employees - 300 customers around the world

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